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Dean Lassen

Book 2



Written And Created by:

Stephanie Athena Whitmore
Shannel Bine

Book 2

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The world has changed much in the aftermath of the savage assault by the High Command. During that notorious day many world leaders met there end, including America's than still president Bill Clinton. Many rumors still circulate about his death but most believe he simply took his own life upon realizing his insignificance in light of the tragedy. The Vice president was murder in the initial assault on Washington along with all Congress and House representatives than present in the Capital.
Thankfully, the Presidential elections had already been decided and President elect Bush was, as he was so found to be, in his home town in Texas.
Immediately following the first lose of Communications Mr. Bush was spirited away to safety in seclusion were he has remained until recently.

For many months now there has been no word about the mysterious attackers that so nearly gained control over the planet, throwing all civilized world into a chaos. Reports of a mysterious savior and those he calls his knights having used fantastic technology to prevent the conquest have begun to surface but are, as yet, unconfirmed.

Mr. Bush has now assumed his elected role as president returning to Washington. Much unrest has grown among the remain Democratic officials, still feeling that their candidate, in truth, won the election. The country has begun to rebuild from the destruction of that fateful day, but many people worry that something must be done to ensure those who have done this, never do so again . .
And in Washington, whispers can be heard of open opposition to the President, and the looming possibility of civil war.

Back at Devitan's Command Base, the Keep, recruitment and training of new recruits continues. For over five months there has been no word from Danielle Stone and her team, having ventured into an alien dimension.
Victor Williams, fears for the lose of his love, Danielle Stone, the female incarnation of Daniel Koenegstein, either by death or Daniel's return.
And John Rachen, Devitan's base commander fears that an even worse evil may have appeared following mysterious energies signatures of an unknown source.
What is even worse is that these signatures have appeared in areas personal to Rachen, places from a past adventure shared with Koenegstein.

It is here that our story begins . . .

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Copyright 1999
Stephanie A Whitmore
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