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The Keller File's

The Keller File's are quite simply a collection of drawings sketches and conceptials done by a close friend of mine Malaki Keller.
This perticular file is dedicated to those works Malaki has done for me on my Devitan series.
Since I intend to make use of some of these drawings and many others inspired the designs I myself created years later I felt they should have a place to be recognized.
The finshed artwork below was done by me, but the initial sketches were Malaki's.  I changed details that Mal had added to fit those of what I envisioned the costumes to be.
However the sketches of the High Command Agents are photocopys of the original sketches.
I hope you enjoy these.

Stephanie Whitmore

Sketches drawn by Malaki Keller
Daniel Koenegstein leader and founder of Devitan
Daniel Koenegstein
Danielle Stone the female incarnation of Daniel Koenegstein
Danielle Stone
Shannel Bine the only Female Knight
Shannel Bine
Sheila Lynn Devitan's doctor and Shannel's replacement
Sheila Lynn
Karen White the final Tridentra and Koenegstein's Fiance
Karen White
Alternate Combat Gear-click here-
alternate uniform

Sketches by Malaki Keller
Jay Sienger leader of the High Command
Jay Sienger
Amy Sienger High Command spy and sister of Jay Sienger
Amy Sienger
Satin-second in command of the High Command
General Satin