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Glossary of terms for Devitan

All Stories below are owned by Stephanie A. whitmore, and Copyright protected. Any copying of story content or characters without my direct consent is an infringement of this copyright and will result in full prosecution as according to law!

ABMORTAL~A side affect condition of infusion of Vitan energy. The persons natural healing factors have increased giving near Immortality and immunity to aging and disease.

DEVITAN~Name given to those who have sworn allegiance to the protection of all life. Also, name given to robot created as weapon of last resort, and ultimate defender.

DEVITIANS~Those who have sworn allegiance to DEVITAN and the cause

HIGH COMMAND~Organization created by the Devil centuries ago to influence and dictates Earth's history.

HYDANTRA ~Code name given to Shannel Bine.

IMMORTAL~A condition where an individual is immune to all disease, does not age and can not be harmed or killed by normal means.  In classic lore, the only way to kill an immortal is to behead them.

KNIGHT ~title given to the Multi-form battle vehicles in robot form.
Also used as Second highest rank in DEVITAN.

LIGHTNINGSTRIKE~Code name given to Daniel Koenegstein.

PROVITAN ~Name of the First team of Devitan Knights(vehicles) and their Joined Knight formation.

SEISMIC~Code name given to Derek Fault.

THUNDERFIRE~Code name given to Dean Lassen.

ULTRAFLARE~Code name given to Keith Pastor.

VITA~Name given to life force flowing, and binding all life and matter.

VITAN~Name given by Daniel Koenegstein to Supreme Intelligence in universe. First life force to exist in universe and brought life to all others. Gave Daniel power to cross back to life. Appointed Koenegstein high protector of all life.

WINDSTRAFER~Code name given to Joey Grand.

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