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When Daniel was developing the new combat technology that would be needed to combat the High Command he needed a Prototype form to experiment with.
Since Nano technology was still in its experimental stages this first of its kind machine would need to be built using traditional technology.
This would limit the abilities that Daniel could incorporate into the design and necessitate a larger size scale for the machine.
Needing to test his theories for transformation that he wished to incorporate into the Knights to give them added versatility Koenegstein decided to compose the prototype of five separate vehicles that could each undergo transformations to form the Devitan.
The result was an unprecedented success.
Composed of a command fighter module, two strike fighters, and two armoured group assault units, the Devitan was a force to be reckoned with.
For transport, an alternate mode was created by forming all the units together allowing all the vehicles to be transported by air and deployed.
Having proved his theories Daniel immediately began work using the experimental nano machines in creating the future forces and the first Devitan.

The Devitan Prototype was used by Daniel and small group to attack the High Command's central headquarters.  The Devitan was, subsequently destroyed when Daniel used the it to destroy the final retaliation by Jay using Nuclear warheads.
Devitan piloted by Daniel physically destroyed the final warheads than terminally damaged plummeted to the Earth below destroying the High Command central base.
The resulting explosion has unleashed a devastating amount of unknown radiation that is ravishing the planet.  With the loss of both Devitan and Daniel Koenegstein that fate of the world looks very bleak.

NAME: Devitan Command Module DVP1
FUNCTION: Air Command Unit
SPEED: max speed-mach 10
WEAPONS:  High Power lasers
Exact Specs: Classified
Energy Cannons rating: Classified
Missiles: various Classified
COMPONENT:  Transforms becoming the body & head of Devitan

NAME: Strike Fighter DVP 2 & 3
FUNCTION: Assault fighter
SPEED: Classified
WEAPONS: Laser Cannons
High powered energy cannons
other weapons: Classified
COMPONENT: Transforms become either arm of Devitan

NAME: Ground Assault Unit DVP 4 & 5
FUNCTION: Ground Assault 
SPEED: Classified
WEAPONS: Laser cannons, high power energy cannons, various missles
Other weapon systems: Classified
COMPONENT: Transforms becoming either leg of Devitan

FUNCTION: Ultimate defender gladiator /weapon of last resort
SPEED: max speed-escape velocity
WEAPONS: Devitan can use all the weapons of its component vehicles including various missiles, laser and energy weapons.  The exact extent of the weapons powers are Classified.
COMPONENTS: Devitan is composed of the twin Strike fighters that make up its arms, twin tank units that become its legs, and the Command fighter module that makes up Devitan's body and head.
MODES: In addition to it's Knight mode Devitan can assume a transport mode capable of reaching escape velocity, 
plus a full weapon deploy mode capable of incredible destructive power.