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Written by:
Stephanie Whitmore










A Note from the Author

When I originally envisioned Devitan back in Grade school I saw it as an animated adventure.
Something of a mix of Robotech and perhaps Voltron with the mysticism of King Arthur thrown in.
Of course I didn't know much about writing and had only rudimentary artistic skills but I would continue to study my art. It would not be until High School after years of Art classes that I would finally start to come close to the current version that is Devitan. Knowing that there was no way that I could animate the adventures, and feeling the need to tell the stories, I began to write and draw the first few issues of a comic series. . .
I was only to reach issue four before I would decide to go back and redraw the first three issues.
Still not satisfied with the results I turned to other means to tell the story and decided to begin adapting the one hundred issue planned series to a novel format. One book for every years worth of comic issues, this is where this all comes to bear on the annuals. . .

In comic books, once every year, an annual is usually put out for most every title.
These annuals many times are either one grand epic that stands on its own or the cultivation of the prior years story. Many times annuals from many titles are tied together, characters from each title crossing over and meeting, to tell one grand earth shattering story.
And a lot of times these annuals are used to tell short stories to highlight characters that may have otherwise not been covered so thoroughly in the year or finish some unresolved story that may not be told anywhere else. . .

Which comes to the reason I decided to write the first annual.
I had several short stories that are rather important put I really couldn't fit into the first novel
(second technically if you count Predawn) but did not want to omit. A lot of the stories will even give a hint as to what is to come in the next book without spoiling any of the mystery.
So sit back, read on and enjoy.

Stephanie Whitmore

Copyright 1999 Stephanie A Whitmore.
Last Updated 12/01/01
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